Big 12 Unveils An All New Logo, Image Initiative

July 1, the beginning of the second half of the year, also marks the beginning of a new era in the life of the Big 12 Conference.

The conference kicked off the start of a new identity and branding campaign with the unveiling of a new logo and the launch of a new website.

Big 12 officials described the new logo design as one that “integrates the league’s iconic heritage with a progressive new look.”newbig12logo_crop_north_crop_north

“The new logo is the most visible part of the introduction of a complete set of identity standards that will be used throughout the Big 12 at each of its member institutions,” the Big 12 said in an information release on its newly redesigned website.

The Big 12 is also introducing a new ‘One True Champion” campaign as part of the new identity initiative. A microsite ( has been created to reinforce the message that “Big 12 teams don’t win a regular season conference title because of who is not on your schedule. All champions are decided in the fairest way possible – everyone plays everyone, every year, the same number of times.”

Presumably the aforementioned message is being emphasized in direct response to the criticism that the Big 12 regular-season champion in football, and to a lesser extent in basketball, does not have to play an extra conference championship game at the end of the season.

The conference also pointed out that another new microsite ( will report on the academic accomplishments within the student-athlete community at all of the member schools.

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