Baylor Bear’s McGowan Will Scare Big 12 Opponents

Rob Gronkowski and Jimmy Graham are two talented players in the NFL that opponents hate to play against and they both have something in common.

They are both Tight Ends with great catching ability.

The Tight End position is becoming more and more prominent in the professional game and college teams are starting to follow that trend. But no team in college football today has a Tight End quite like the Baylor Bears.

Officially, LaQuan McGowan is an Offensive Linemen for the Bears and stacks up at 6-foot-7 and a stunning 410 pounds.

He is a monster that would looking spectacular in stature for any professional team’s O-Line, but this is not all he brings to the table.

This year, McGowan will spend time at Tight End and will be looking to catch passes in Baylor’s high-flying spread offense.

McGowan has already demonstrated an ability to catch passes, having caught an 18-yard touchdown in Baylor’s loss to Michigan State in the Cotton Bowl.

McGowan has continued to train at the Tight End position and has looked promising during Baylor’s spring practice game, catching a pass and breaking a tackle in the process.

Any way fans look at it, having a 410 pound McGowan catching passes and running full speed at a corner or safety weighing around 180+ pounds, the end result is going to be disappointing for the defensive player.

Baylor’s new offensive weapon is going to scare their Big 12 opponents, who must now account for his presence and be wary of him being a target for Baylor’s QB.

Either way, Baylor has a player that can be utilised in more than one position and will make opposing defenses nervous when he steps on to the field.